Well, here we are. The new home of Young Mom Support.

For those who know us, my personal blog The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No started to get a bit cluttered and confused with book stuff, personal stuff and group stuff.

Young Mom Support is growing fast so we needed a new internetty home. It’s still a work in progress, there is much to be done but this is the beginning. My blog is still very much alive and well so don’t abandon me there! 🙂 PS I can still swear there, something I doubt I’ll be doing here.

The wording and pics on these pages will be familiar to those who have followed and supported us from the beginning – but they’re true and honest and are the foundation upon which we’re built.

The blog will be updated regularly with group meeting news, posts relevant to young parents and to those who work with them.

If you have ideas on what you’d like to see here, please let me know!

Many of the girls we’re trying to reach don’t have internet access (although a surprising number do regularly access the internet on their phones) – so our word of mouth, email, fax and “sticking up posters” methods of advertising are still the main way we will reach them.

We need to be online though, for moms who do have access and for others who can help us spread the word.

Our next meeting is Saturday 16 April, 10h30 at False Bay Hospital, Fish Hoek.

Thank you for everybody’s support and encouragement. Today, the 17th birthday of my first baby seems appropriate to launch my new baby out into the world.

So here we are. Have a poke around. What d’ya think? Are we purrdy?

I think we are.


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