Young moms strutting their stuff

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Saturday’s meeting – Marisa Copley joined us to give us a tribal fusion belly dancing demonstration. Some giggles and shyness (but much less than I thought there’d be), and our small group of moms got into it. Obviously, I sucked at it. As coordinated, flexible and sexy as a drunk Dalek climbing a spiral staircase. But I had fun! Even the older children joined in. It was a great way of taking us out of ourselves for a little while, and for some of our moms, it was a chance to put aside the worries and stresses for a bit and just BE. Some might say that such a frivolous activity would be pointless and of no help to moms who are facing some very difficult issues.

It didn’t fix their problems. But it was definitely NOT pointless. No matter what you’re facing, no matter how hard your life is, no matter what you need to sort out and fix, – sometimes you need to forget all that and have fun. Afterwards, you’re energised, refreshed, ready to start again.

Thank you to Marisa and to our brave moms who jumped right in and got into the spirit of the occasion. You were my inspiration to let go of my own self consciousness.

Another thank you to Mrs Joan Henderson of the UK. She is a relative of Joyce, my next door neighbour. When Joyce visited the UK recently, she returned with bags full of hand-knitted baby goodies, which Mrs Henderson had especially created for our babies. Means so much to have people all over the world care about us. Much love to our UK supporters.

Re. the blanket raffle – we didn’t get a great response, so have decided to leave the link up for a while longer. If we get a better response, we’ll do a draw on 1 September.



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