A Celebration of Motherhood: You’re Invited

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So this was my little idea. After attending the Huggies Momville launch last week, I thought why can’t we do that too? What better way to show people what we do, and show off our beautiful moms and babies to the world. They are doing a great job, and they deserve recognition. It would also be nice to show our supporters, friends and other interested people that we’re not so different – our circumstances might be vastly disparate, but humanity and love for our children is under all of our skin.

So – here’s the invite, Cape Town peeps. Please share, encourage any young or teen moms you know to join us, bring your own children along and eat some cake. Parents, grandparents, non-parents, celebrities who will tweet about us and make us famous – please do join us.

I know we’re far on the other side of the world for many of you, (way down South where bananas grow etc) – but we promise to make it worth your while.

Help us celebrate what our moms do – our group is giving them a voice – now we just need the world to hear it.

Please help me make this work for them.

Thank you



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