For my mom

My mom Linda is a huge part of Young Mom Support, working behind the scenes to make it all work.

When I had the idea to start the group, she was on board immediately, even though her life would change, she’d had much more work to do when she could be relaxing and doing her own thing. I work fulltime, so when Young Moms errands need doing, Ma is the one who does them.

We had a lovely donation of baby clothes this weekend, and now they need sorting out. This is what she does:

Sorts the clothes into sizes, takes photos of each piece of clothing. Makes up folders with all the photos. We take these files to every meeting, and each mom puts their name down next to their selections. Ma takes the list, goes to our (expensive!) storage unit, sorts through the clothes to find the right ones, makes up packets for each mom and we take them with us. If moms don’t arrive for 2 meetings in a row, she takes the clothes back to storage to go back in the pot. She also does all the printing, the driving around to odd places, fetching donations, helps with baking, shopping and organising. She does research of interesting info  for the moms, takes the meeting photos and edits them, makes presents for Christmas, mothers day and other occasions, talks to the moms, plays with the babies and gives up her Saturdays to be with us.

Young Mom Support is really all about her. We couldn’t do it without you dear Ma. So thank you, from all of us.


PS. Edited to add: she also nags me and fights with me when I’m being lazy. Really, without her, we wouldn’t be where we are.

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