Phateka speaks

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Phateka is a 16 year old teen mom from Masi. She’s in grade 11, still at school and determined to finish. Her baby is a gorgeous, strapping young boy of 5 months.

I asked her if her peers or community are unkind to her about being a young mom.

Her answer was typical of so many of the Masi women.

“Yes, some of them say bad things to me – but what can they do? I’m already a mother. I just ignore them and focus on my baby and my studies. I am a good mother – what can they say?”

Precisely. What else is there *to* say?

Nothing. If the asshats of the world close their ever-flapping traps for one minute and actually *look* at the young women they’re judging, they’ll see mothers who don’t need or want their approval. The happiness and health of their children says enough to the world.

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