Cupcakes & Community: A special day

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Finally the day arrived for our event.  Our guests arrived on time – cupcakes in hand. Your generosity and willingness to give up your Saturday to join us was so appreciated. Once 10h30 came and went, I started to panic as we had a room full of guests and no moms yet! It’s always like that though, so I shouldn’t have worried.

I showed off my (tiny) Xhosa greeting vocab and was encouraged by everybody’s response – they were generous in their praise and made me feel good for trying (even though I forgot my last line!). Still, I’m learning and it’s early days yet. Watch this space – i’ll get better!

My planned discussion for the day was about gratitude. As I said to the moms, I pondered long and hard about whether I had any right to be “lecturing” them on being grateful for what you have. I lead a privileged life, there’s no escaping that fact. Many of them are dealing with issues which I’ve never experienced, and likely I won’t ever have to. I eventually decided taht I could only share my own experience, and hope that they’d be able to take something from that.

I spoke about times in my life where things have gone well for me, when people have been good to me, even though they didn’t have to be. When I’ve experienced difficult times, remembering what i have to be thankful has renewed my perspective and allowed me to pick up and carry on.

Several of our guests and moms then shared what they were grateful for. Particularly special was Anoria’s contribution – she spoke of her 1 year old son Eyakhe who has Down’s Syndrome – of how difficult it was in the beginning and how sad she was. She now feels differently, and is grateful for her special, healthy boy who doesn’t have any heart problems – which he could well have had.

Our special guest Sharon was grateful that she, as an older mother, has had the chance to have a child. She had us all in tears 🙂

Never have I seen cupcakes disappear so fast! Seriously – I think the children were inhaling them!

Thank you to Fouzia, Sharon & Jess, Robynne & Connor, Kelly, Kaylee and Stephanie, and all the moms who joined us for the day. It was great to be able to share what we do with you – I hope you enjoyed yourselves and we’d love to have you back.

We were so busy we forgot to take pictures – we only remember half way through so there aren’t that many this time.

Another special thank you must go to Kelly, Sharon, Jimina and Stacy for the donations of baby clothes, adult clothes and household goods. You’re making a real difference. Also thanks to Tertia for her generous contribution which we’ll put towards our Christmas party.

Special people all round.

I *really* do have so much to be grateful for

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