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In general, delving into blog analytics to see the search terms that brought people to your blog can be a perplexing, amusing or sometimes creepy affair. In the case of Young Mom Support, I’m finding it a little heartbreaking. These are the searches which have stood out for me, in the last few months:

  • a place for teenage mothers to live for her to finish school in gauteng
  • gauteng young mothers counselling
  • how do you tell your parents you are pregnant and in matric?
  • how long after the birth of a teenagers baby can she return to school
  • how to help a young mom
  • information on teenage pregnancy in western cape with pictures
  • home for pregnant teenager
  • insulting names for young mothers (huh?)
  • is it alright thing that pregnant learners should be expelled from school?
  • latest youngest mother for 2012
  • Many variations on teen pregnancy in schools and department policy, in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa
  • Many variations on support groups for teenage mothers in Cape Town, Jhb, Pretoria and KZN
  • Googling teen mom support group Cape Town – the first few pages are all links from or to our site, and The Parent Centre who we have worked with before, and Teen Mom Support KZN 
 And the one that stood out for me from today: My teenager is pregnant what now.

I’ll get to that in the next post. But for now I’m thinking about all those people who end up here, because they have questions and problems which have not been addressed elsewhere. Maybe many of those searchers were perhaps doing academic research or something – but more than a few are going to be pregnant teens, their friends and family looking for answers.

What’s also clear from the number of searches about school policy, is that the official education department stance on pregnant learners is not common knowledge to parents and students. Find the Western Cape Education Department policy document here:

The internet is an amazing resource and should not be underestimated.  However, it doesn’t replace actual people in your family and community to whom you can turn for help.

My wish is that NO pregnant teen or young mom should have to turn to the internet first for help. When you’re faced with this situation, you should immediately be able to say – “Oh yes, I know *this* place in my community – they will be able to help me with this”

There should be formal and informal support groups all over the place, well-known, well-advertised and easily accessible.

It’s one thing to read an article like this and be told you’re not alone. But it doesn’t compare with somebody holding your hand as they say it.

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  1. Mimiela
    | Reply

    Hi Anele. We are in a similar position although with me I had a previous miscarriage last year and I am currently 5 months pregnant as we speak. As hard as it will be, try talk to her or write a letter. She’ll have to know sometime. I am also still in school, doing my 3rd year. I hope she reacts positively, as for me it didn’t go as smoothly and I need to find a shelter home or some place to live.

    What I know is we’re not bad people, she might forgive you, she may not. You too have to forgive yourself. Look up your options regarding adoption, placing or even abortion if you may. Just make a decision which suits YOU, not your mother or anyone else.

  2. Anele
    | Reply

    I am 21 years old a mother of the 3 years old son en i will be doing my first year in conerstone in psychology.recently jst found out that im pregnant and i dont think my mom will give me another chance i reallly need your advise of what to do

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