If your teen is / was pregnant – what to do?

Busy working on a post aimed at parents of pregnant teens.

I’ve only got my own (fortunate) experience to go on here, so would love to hear from you.

If you were pregnant as a teen – tell me about your parent’s reaction and how it influenced your decision and what happened from there.

If your teenage daughter (or son) experienced an unplanned pregnancy – tell me about how you reacted, how much influence you had on the final decision on what to do etc.

Also, as a comparison – would love to hear from parents who haven’t been through it. What do you THINK you might do if it happened in your family?

You can be anonymous if you’d like – won’t publish anything with full names. Email me at info@youngmomsupport.co.za or leave a comment below if you’re okay with that.

Please share this request – need lots of input!

Thank youz dearies.




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