15 year old mom urgently needs accommodation

Received an email from a lady in Kempton Park today.

She has taken in a friend of her daughter who has nowhere to stay. The young girl is 15 years old with a 1 year old baby. Her parents are not around and her only family here do not seem to be stable or healthy. They do not want the girl to stay with them.

This lady urgently needs help to find the girl somewhere else to live. She has been supporting the girl but with her own large family and commitments she won’t be able to do this much longer.

By all accounts, the young mom is a good parent, her child is happy and healthy and there are no issues with drugs or alcohol. She is not willing to give her child up for adoption.

What we need urgently: somewhere for the girl and her baby to stay safely. A shelter, a home for women (this is where the old-fashioned “home for unmarried mothers” might have been useful) – SOMETHING. Many shelters do not take women with such young children, and will usually give preference to women in imminent danger of abuse – or who are perhaps in the process of giving up their children for adoption.

Next, we need a contact for a counsellor or social worker who could take charge of the situation and give the young mom the support, advice and practical help she needs.

I don’t have any contacts for places or people like this in Gauteng.

Who can help me?

Basically – when the kind lady can no longer afford to keep her, the young mom and and her baby are out on the street. After that? Baby being given or taken away, no further help for the young girl – and everything turns to porridge. A broken family that didn’t need to be broken.

They have a chance of succeeding – what they need is a safe place to sleep. We have a chance here to make a difference.

I need info, contacts and bright ideas.

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