Christmas Party 2012

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We had our Christmas party yesterday. Visited by Father Christmas (my dad!), presents for all the children and moms, yummy eats and a lot of love. Once again, I’m so grateful that I get to do this. It was a little smaller than last year – we didn’t have any sponsorship this year, so we managed by ourselves. Next year, I think I should start nagging people for donations in about June!

As usual, we were worried that moms would turn up who hadn’t signed up for it, or bring extra children that we didn’t have presents for – but that didn’t happen. Everyone stuck to the plan. A couple of moms were working so they sent along the grannies in their place 🙂

Liezl (our resident seamstress extraordinaire) handed out handmade baby shoes that she’d made herself to all the moms – a beautiful gesture that everybody appreciated.

I know I’ve said it before, but 2 things are always stand out at our meetings – the children (even the smallest) who are always so helpful, well-behaved and easy, and the way everybody gets stuck in to tidying up and packing away after. I turn away for a minute and the next thing you know the entire hall is packed up, dishes washed, floor swept. It’s a sign that everybody is comfortable and nobody feels like “a visitor”.

Thanks of course must go to the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Centre who are so generous in allowing us to use their space, as well as Wadi & Phakama from the centre who always join us and work so hard. Thank you to my sister who helps us carry and set up, to my mom who organised everything this year, all the shopping, all the present-wrapping, all the food. And to my dad who is the best Santa ever – if you ever need a Santa dude, he’s the man to call.

Another year gone, Young Mom Support is 2 years old (today!) and I’m proud.

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