A home for Josephine

Josephine Jepta is one of my heroines.

She turned 60 this year. After being in a relationship for many years, with a decent home and a happy life, she’s now alone. She is also the first-time foster mother to Blessing who is 4 years old. She took Blessing in when he was a tiny baby, when his mother was unable to care for him. She followed the correct channels and is his legal foster parent. Despite health issues of her own, she works as a companion and helper to the elderly. Currently she is working with an 83 year old man with Parkinson’s, and she does everything for him.

Then she comes home to a tiny shack in a backyard in Ocean View. Her home is draughty, wet in winter and always sandy and dusty. She doesn’t have a bath; but Blessing and her take turns in bathing in a plastic tub with hot water from the kettle. Money is always tight and there are times when there just isn’t enough.

Despite this, Josephine is a woman of incredible love, strength and positivity. She and Blessing have recently made contact with Blessing’s birth mother, and she is trying hard to foster a relationship between them, while always keeping Blessing’s best interests at heart. She never gives up, she keeps trying, keeps learning, always on the lookout for ways to improve their lives.

Now she has a chance to buy a proper Wendy house, with a proper ceiling, proper plumbing, no HOLES in the ROOF. She has a place where she’d be able to build it. What she needs is R10 000. It’s too much for her. It’s too much for me. But in the grand scheme of things, R10 000 is NOT a lot of money.

If there is anyone deserving of a break, Josephine is it. She has worked hard all her life. She has given so much of herself to so many.

We need to do this. Who can help? Even the smallest donation would make a difference. To be able to give Josephine and Blessing a home for Christmas – can you imagine a bigger thing?

Even if you can’t donate, please share this post wherever you can. I haven’t told her about this yet. I hope to be able to tell her something in a few days. Can you help me?


Josephine, Blessing & my mom



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