#josephineshouse: Imma shave my head

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Thank you to everybody who has donated towards Josephine’s house, and those who’ve shared our appeal on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to a wonderful donation of R5000 from Robin Fletcher, we’re almost there. I said on Twitter that if we reach R10 000 I’ll shave my head. Robin clearly wants me to do this – we’re so close now, looks like I’ll be breaking out the clippers this weekend.

Josephine didn’t know anything about this plan. But I just phoned her now to tell her – she was speechless and then overcome with tears.

This is who we’re doing this for. A wonderful, strong and gentle woman who is raising a busy, challenging and delightful four year old by herself, in a shack with no proper insulation or plumbing – at a time in her life when many of us are thinking of slowing down and retiring.

So. If you want to see my bulbous shiny noggin before Christmas, get busy. Donate via EFT or Paypal – see the widget on the right hand side, or see here for bank details.

Would it be too much to ask that we might get over R10k? Maybe throw in some household goods or groceries?

What say you?

Blessing with Father Christmas
Blessing with Father Christmas

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