Josephine moves in

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Josephine moved into her house on Saturday. The builders came Saturday morning and she moved in Saturday evening. We visited Saturday afternoon with some housewarming gifts and groceries, and she took us down the road to meet her sister Margaret. We also met Pastor Pieter and his daughter Bulushka. Pastor Pieter very generously allowed Josephine to use a piece of his land for her house. He will also help her with organising her plumbing and electricity and in the meantime, she will share his. It was very humbling to meet a man with so little himself, willing to share with someone else.

There’s still some work to be done on the house, including a proper ceiling and walls, but Josephine couldn’t be happier. It’s bigger, safer, warmer and prettier than where she lived before. Blessing has a safe and warm place to sleep. Josephine has a roof over her head that belongs to her. And is not going to blow away in the winter.

Was difficult to take many pictures because there wasn’t much space to stand, but we got a few. Josephine was still busy sorting out when we arrived this afternoon and didn’t want too many pictures of the inside – she said it was too messy!

Again, we have to thank all the generous people who helped us make this happen. It would not have happened without you.

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