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Right, so we’ve been invited to form a group at a local high school with a large number of teenage mom students.

This is what we wanted! So excited for the planning and preparation, and to be able to reach and help more mothers. It’s a little daunting because the numbers they are planning for is much more than we’ve done before.

I’m up for it.

Our fundraising drive needs to be kicked into gear big time now – so much more printing of pamphlets and posters, refreshments and goodies for the moms etc etc and so on

So here’s the thing. I’ve dropped the price of my book from $15 plus postage to $10 plus postage. Available online here (Paypal /credit card payment) or send me a mail at info@youngmomsupport.co.za for banking details

I’ll sign it and it’ll be awesome, I swear.

Every cent goes towards our group – all at of it to give the moms and their children a place to feel safe and welcome, and leave feeling hopeful and motivated to keep on going.

Go on sweetums. I AM going to the post office tomorrow anyway – might as well pop one in the post for you too, right?

Thanks peeps, couldn’t do it without you.


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