Meeting Report: Jan 2013

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Saturday was our first meeting of the year. A small group of regulars – we really need to work on getting some new faces in.

We spoke about our goals for 2013 – not New Year’s Resolutions, but things we’d like to accomplish. For those of us with big dreams, getting there can seem daunting; impossible. And then in 2014 we have the same conversation, with the same goals, but no closer to them.

So we broke the goal into steps – what we’d need to do to accomplish the whole. I’ll write about each individual mom’s goals in the next post. Looking at the steps, each mom realised that their plans (and for most of them they were modest and reasonable – no rich or famous aspirations here) were completely doable.

We discussed how you’re allowed to ask for help – nobody successfully achieves their dreams on their own. Everybody needs help sometimes, whether it’s material help, advice, mentorship, a fresh idea or even just somebody to keep encouraging them.

Each mom made a poster of the steps for the year – they’ve taken them home to stick up on the wall so that they see them every day and are reminded of where they’re going.

It was exciting to see them catch sight of their dreams, to pin them down and realise that it’s not impossible. They’re a very motivated and hardworking bunch. This time next year, we’ll make new posters 🙂 It was also wonderful to see everybody supporting and encouraging each other.

We’ve got a special thing going here, and I’m very proud.

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