Women with a plan

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Big dreams are a good thing – but sometimes they seem too big to achieve. Where do I start? Who can help? What do I do next? For people with little access to outside information or friends with connections – these questions can be too big to answer – so you stop asking them. The dream never gets turned into a plan, and you’re stuck. Add to that the stress of every day life – raising children, working or looking for work, even finding enough to eat – all those things take priority over looking to the future.

Some of our moms are wanting to change that. Have a look at their dreams and their plans – maybe you can help?

In short, what we need for these ladies in particular:

1. Contacts for local markets / shops

2. Sewing machine, overlocker & fabric

3. Cash for stock – clothing

4. Help with driving lessons

5. Computer skills training

6. School supplies

7. Encouragement and support

8. Lots of people making a noise for our moms – help us get them noticed by those who can make a difference










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