Meeting photos: 23 Feb 2013

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We tried to have a serious discussion. We were talking about rape in our communities, the why, the how, the who. The worry about leaving your children with anyone else – even someone you love and trust, even your husband. The sadness – unfairness – that you’re in a position where you have to wonder – even for a second – if the same thing could happen in your family. We’re all in the same position, regardless of who we are or where we live – none of the women feel safe or that their children are truly safe. It was interesting to see that the moms focus was on the safety of their children, and less so on the likelihood of being raped themselves.

As I said – we *tried*. However, there were some new toys in the toybox this time – drums and xylophones. So we were talking over a loud marching band of toddlers – seriously, this was the loudest meeting we’ve ever had. And MESSY. But awesome, as usual. Happy-making, despite the heavy conversation.

You should come. You’ll have fun.

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