How you can help support young moms in SA

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Tell me about YOUR sex life, go on.

Need your help. Not money this time, although (ha!)…..

Can you take 5 minutes to fill in the survey below – just 4 questions, totally anonymous.

And share, share share if you can. I’d like to get a goodly number of responses.

Strangely, this is 1992 all over again. When I was in Grade 8, the year before I fell pregnant, me & 2 friends entered the Science Expo at UCT with a project entitled “Have teenagers views on sex changed in 20 years”. Our research consisted of questionaires handed out to the entire school and walking door to door asking old dears when they lost their virginity. Old ladies were surprisingly eager to talk about this. We won a bronze medal, if that matters.

So. 21 years later I’m STILL talking about it. Don’t know what this means. Nothing good, I’m sure.






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