Meeting photos April 2013

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Had a photographer from You Magazine (!) there yesterday – part of a story they’re doing on the FNB You Can Help campaign people. So we didn’t take too many pictures ourselves, to keep out the way of the other photographer.

Was a good day, ran out of food. Incidentally, we’re now officially out of any donor money and have been for some time.

Will have to start thinking of scheduling our meetings after my pay day!

It was Phateka’s little boy Likhona’s first birthday. Made him some cupcakes for his afternoon party and we sang to him. He loved it. Phateka’s aunty brought him to the meeting because Phateka was at Saturday school at Masi High across the road. Compulsory classes every Saturday for the whole school – very well attended. I popped my head in to see if she was available and all the classes were full up. These are the things that nobody hears about or sees… it’s not all doom and gloom.


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