Meeting photos May 2013

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Been a busy month. Earlier this month I spoke at the launch of the PAN South Africa chapter (Parenting in Africa). Their theme for this year is “Teenagers with parenting responsibilities” and it was refreshing to engage with people who accept that some teens are parents – and trying to help them be the best parents they can be. Was a great privilege to be invited. While the focus for many speakers and organisations was obviously on prevention – it was good to have the opportunity to speak for those who are already parents. That chance does not come along very often.

I also spoke at the weekly meeting of Rotary Club Signal Hill – a great bunch of people dedicated to helping others, and completely open to the concept of supporting and not shaming teen mothers. Thank you again for having me 🙂

This month’s YMS meeting was focused on  making new friends – moms paired up with someone they didn’t know well and they were tasked with finding out about their partner and then reporting back to us on what they’d learnt.

We did a lucky draw for 3 baby comforters, with 3 new moms winning, much to their delight!

Things are busy, things are ticking over. As always, we need your help.

Thank you so much to Dr Riaan Lourens & Andrew Rosewell from the UK who have supported us this month with donations towards our meeting costs. Literally – this month we could NOT have done it without you.


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