Happy Mother’s Day!

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Yesterday was our Mother’s Day meeting. Some new faces – lovely to meet new mommies.

Nadia’s baby still baking in the oven – she is due this coming week, so should be some news soon (we hope!)
She’s asked my mom and I to be with her when she gives birth, if all goes well, we’ll be there! Exciting times, and such an honour to be asked.

My mom made some lovely choccies as Mother’s Day gifts and we spoke about what Mother’s Day means to each of us. It’s a hard day for some, as they don’t have a relationship with their own moms, but we focused on the fact that it’s now THEIR day, to be shared with their own children.

Mother's Day gifts for our moms


This past week has also seen some horrific devastation in Masiphumelele (where  some of our moms live) where fire destroyed so many homes and disrupted so many lives. We donated some of our mom & baby goods to the relief efforts, and Nadia & Stephanie also stepped in to collect more for the community.


Donations for the Masi fire victims

We were joined once again by the lovely Ayanda Tini from Good Hope FM and her gorgeous lil daughter Liya – who didn’t want to leave at hometime! Thanks to Ayanda for your time and interest – you are a real inspiration to our moms and so glad that you enjoy your time with us.

Melanie & Ayanda (and half my butt)

In amongst all the noise & chaos, we did some video interviews with the moms, speaking about the significance of Mother’s Day, their hopes for their children & advice for other young moms. These are being edited & will uploaded as soon as they’re ready.

In the meantime, here’s the one we did with Nadia – truly one of the most beautiful, inspiring & giving humans I’ve ever met. That’s no exaggeration. Strength and dignity personified. Can’t wait to meet your baby my friend. xx


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