Young Mom Support in Driftsands

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On Youth Day we were invited to Driftsands to join in their community celebrations by Zuko Mnukwa, a 21 year old student passionate about serving his community. Driftsands is a small community close to Khayelitsha.

He believed that the young moms of Driftsands would benefit from what we do, so yesterday we held our first Young Mom Support meeting at their community hall. Zuko invited young moms from the community and we had a small group join us. They were shy and a bit awkward at first, but soon loosened up, talking about their motherhood challenges and achievements. Was interesting to hear that most of them were studying – either at school or some form of tertiary education. Most also reported having good support from their mothers.

It was lovely to meet some new moms – they all said they’d like to have us back… so we’ll see how it goes.

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