Driftsands Meeting: August 2013

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Second Driftsands meeting yesterday. I did a presentation on child abuse in SA – sexual, physical, emotional and child neglect. It was a sobering conversation, discussing news headlines from the last week, how to protect your children, and how so many cases of missing, abused and murdered children could be avoided if their children were paying attention.

Morphed into a conversation about discipline and other ways to discipline besides corporal punishment. Skeptical at first but the moms listened and asked questions about alternatives.

There were lots of little neighbourhood girls waiting outside – they offered to do a dance demonstration for us. Was awesome. The beat and the singing – was joyful and beautiful. The drum they used to keep the beat was an upturned bucket and a pair of flip flops. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Zuko Mnukwa, the brainchild behind so many Driftsands initiatives joined us again and it was nice to have his input as an uncle who is helping to raise his nephews.

We’ll be back on 14 September and I can’t wait.


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