Spreading our wings

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So we’re all set for Saturday – Young Mom Support goes to Hout Bay Secondary School.

According to the school, nine moms have confirmed their attendance. That’s loads more than we had our very first Fish Hoek meeting. If they all turn up, it will be great. We’ll see how it goes. Looking forward to it, but nervous as heck all over again.

I don’t know anything about these moms yet, how old their children are etc – but it’s encouraging to know that they are still at school and obviously value their education enough to keep going with it, even though it’s bloody hard to manage studying & parenting. Difficult, but not impossible. Tiring and stressful and sometimes feels pointless, but seriously it will be worth it in the end and they’ll be in a better position than those girls who dropped out.

Going to donate some copies of The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No to their library. Am SO impressed with the school – they’ve identified a need and are doing something POSITIVE about it. Yay for awesome teachers who care. That’s the kind of person who changes lives.

Oh – on the subject of books. Forgot to mention that at last week’s meeting, I brought a bunch of children’s books that belonged to Layla (well, some of them were mine as a child, passed down to Conor, passed down to Layla). Every mom took books home for their kiddies. Fairy tales and animal books and all sorts.

That’s a big deal to me. Moms who read to their children are special. Growing up with books makes such a huge difference to a child. For most of our moms, those were the first or only books they or their children have owned. I could already see that those stories will be treasured and shared for years to come, just as they were in my house.

Goosebumps, I tell ya.

Wish us luck, we’ll need it.

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