Driftsands: Youth in Action

Today’s been a day and a half. Will post more about that next week when I have details.
But for now, here are some awesome pics taken at Driftsand’s Women’s month celebration on 31 August.
It was a day organised by Asa, Zuko, Lebo and their Driftsands Youth in Action NPO. They’re an amazing bunch of young people doing so much for their small community – youth day, after school activities, and the women’s day event celebrating the older ladies who founded the Driftsands community in the early 90’s. I did a bit of a talk, which was cool.

So much love and respect in the room, so moving to hear the stories of their struggle to get a bridge built so that their children would no longer be killed crossing the N2.

The hard work, time, money and effort that the DFA team puts into their small community puts us ALL to shame. Really. Don’t ever ask “what can I possibly do?” or think it’s too overwhelming. It is and always be the little people of the community who make the biggest difference. That means US. You and me. Not politicians or business people or other such farts. Just us.

Thank you guys. You inspire me to do more. The future of our country is in good hands, people. These dudes are quietly getting on with the job of making things better.

Pics courtesy of Thulani Mahlangu. He and his friend Lukhanyo Mpumela visited to take pictures and write a report on the event – 2 MORE young men who I’m proud to know. Surrounded by them!


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