Masi meeting: September 2013

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As much as I’m supposed to be there for our moms, encouraging and supporting them, so often they end up doing the same for me. I don’t know what to say to our moms, my friends, who keep me going when feel down, who understand what Young Mom Support is trying to achieve, and who stand up for us.

Just – thank you.

Also, to see how some of our moms and children have blossomed and grown so confident has been lovely.

I did the same child abuse presentation which I’d done at Driftsands – the moms were deeply affected by the stats and pictures I presented, and it lead to some important discussions about child safety and our responsibilities as parents.

We put together a short video – moms talking about what Young Mom Support means to them and why they’ve joined. It’s mostly in Xhosa – I will get around to adding subtitles, but didn’t want to wait to put it up! 🙂

This week has made me realise again that although Young Mom Support doesn’t do what people might expect us to do, or want us to do, the way we work is incredibly important to me and we’re on the right track. We ARE different to other “pregnancy / parenting” organisations, and I’m proud of that.


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