Your rights & responsibilities

As young parents, you have both rights and responsibilities. Most of them are the same as the rights and responsibilities of any parent. Here are some them, from our teen mom support workshop series.

To me the most important one is this:


This is both a right AND a responsibility. You should not have to struggle alone, but it’s UP TO YOU to keep trying to find the support you need.

You have the right
 To raise your child yourself, if it’s what’s best for them
 To continue your education
 To ask for help when you need it
 To ask questions of doctors, teachers & other caregivers
 To have some time to yourself
 To choose what is best for your child
 To be treated with respect by others
 To receive support from family, friends, school & society
 To make mistakes
 To be in a safe, healthy relationship that makes you happy

You have the responsibility
 To put your child’s needs before your own
 To find a way to support your child
 To not make your child someone else’s problem
 To treat your child with love, respect & care – keeping them safe, healthy and happy
 To ask for help when you need it
 To hear advice from others who have experience
 To be careful about who you allow into your life
 To avoid alcohol, drugs & unsafe sex, so you can always be there 100% for your child
 To do the hard work, even when you are tired or scared

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