Masi meeting: October 2013

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Chaos! Chaos I tell you! For some reason yesterday we seemed to be overrun with children. We had a number of new mommies join us yesterday, so there were many extra children. For the first time we ran out of food and the children could only have a muffin each instead of their usual plate of goodies.

After our visit to Masi High a few weeks ago, many new young moms joined us, which was great! We spoke about Positive Parenting – a fancy name for common sense and kindness in parenting. From next week, Phateka & Phakama will be running weekly sessions at the Youth Centre, specifically for the younger school girl moms. By joining YMS at the Youth Centre, they’ll also have access to the other services the centre offers, like teen-friendly contraception and HIV-testing services, among many other things.

So it’s a great step forward for us, and lovely to have effective partners like the DTHF who are doing great work.

Yesterday though, yesterday was crazy. I’m still aching!

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