My kingdom for a shed

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You will remember (due to my constant nagging) that we’ve been needing a storage shed for a long time.

When we first started, our donated clothing and goods used to live in my bedroom. Then that got too much. Layla gave up her bedroom to share with me, so we could stack boxes and stuff in her room. Then THAT got too much. So we’ve been renting a wee quarter-garage sized storage unit for a while now. It costs R700 a month (which as you know, we don’t have) – and is an endless headache.

It means countless trips to storage to:

Add new items when they’re donated and collect items after every meeting which moms have requested. It’s way too small now, and our crates have been piled on top of each other. It’s a mess, it’s expensive, we can’t keep our goods as organised as we’d like to, and sometimes we can’t find things that the moms have asked for.

So. We needed a shed which we could keep at home, so we’d have easy (and free!) access to all our stuff.  Also, we could then use that R700 a month on other necessities for the group.

Then! This month we were nominated for, and received, a R10 000 donation from The Charles Glass Society (!). My boss is a member – they meet, they drink, they give away cash to charities every year. We’re so grateful for the boost. It couldn’t have come at a better time, honestly. We considered using the money for a Christmas party, but decided against it. The shed has been at the top of the list for a long time and the money saved every month will make a more lasting difference than a once-off party. So, while we’re sad not to be having a party this year, we’re really chuffed that our shed is going to become a reality.

2013-11-14 21.55.24-1

Arbor Site have very kindly offered to provide us with a 3×6 m wendy      house at far less than their usual cost. We’re in the process of clearing the land in the garden and we hope to have it installed shortly.

Thank you to Leon and the team at Arbor Site – much appreciated! Will definitely be posting pics once it’s all in place.


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