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American E-TV reporter Cindy Huang & her dashing camera dude Kyle came to film our meeting today. They spent some time filming us doing our thing, interviewed me and one of our moms Leeza. Cindy’s story is focusing on the support that IS available for young moms. I was heartened to hear this, as we didn’t want to be just another doom and gloom story of statistics and sad faces. What she saw was mothers having a good time together, children playing together, despite the hardships that some might face at home, here is a place where they can just… smile.

We were all a little bit more subdued than usual – trying to keep a little quiet while the interviews were going on (not that 3 year old Blessing cared, he pushed his favourite box around the room as usual. Loves his giant box, he does)

What struck me was the ownership (gaah, crap word, sorry. Can’t think of better one) – that the moms seemed to take of the day. A definite sense of “this is OUR place and OUR people that we’re showing off” – together. Also, usually my mom, sister & I tidy up and pack away after everybody leaves, this time everybody pitched in and tidied up together. No more shyness, of not knowing how they fit in, hanging back and awkward politeness. Felt like home. I even had a confiscate a dustpan and brush from Jane, a new mom who joined today for the first time. After a few visits, sure, go ahead and sweep. But on your first day – relax a bit, dear. 🙂

In all the hoo-ha we forgot to take a single photo. Absolutely not a one. Shocking. You shall just have to take my word for it that it happened. Report should air next week on E-News, either Primetime or morning, not sure yet, will let you know. Hope it turns out okay and I don’t look like a muppet.

Thanks must go to False Bay Hospital again – Sister Williams joined us, spiffy in her uniform, and for the first time got a sense of the group that she encourages her patients to join. I think she enjoyed it.

The fact that the hospital were open to having the cameras there and let us get on with it without interference was impressive. They also organised it with minimal red tape, even though a Department of Health rep had to be there to collect filming consent forms from all the moms. Thank you Sithembiso Magubane for coming all the way from Goodwood (like, another PLANET, dude) on a Saturday. The threat of imminent mass breastfeeding may have scared him off a little.

This was an up day in a week of some heavy thinking about heavy issues weighing, um, *heavily* on my heart. None of which I can really discuss here. If I find a way to make it non-specific enough to not infringe on people’s privacy, I’ll tell you about it. Sigh. Suffice to say that there are some crummy people in the world and other non-crummy people stuck in crummier situations that I don’t see a way out of.

In short, many people suck. Not all. But many. Basic life rule number one I’d want my children to learn, if nothing else: Don’t be a person who sucks.

That is all. It’s enough, believe it or not.


PS. If you see me on TV, just be kind, okay. Please, like.




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