Explain this

I read Michelle’s report on her Teen Mom Support KZN meetings at schools this morning. After being invited to see the headmaster and discuss her project, she was chased away and accused of promoting teenage pregnancy.

That’s another rant, for another day.

What DID strike me, though was when she said this:

“We passed a class where all the male teachers were busy and they asked us what we were doing there. Brief explanations and lots of nodding. One teacher suggested that we ask if we could very quickly pop into each class and have our say. That way we wouldn’t have to leave without at least doing something.”

The MALE teachers tried to help her out.

I know it’s a generalisation, and maybe it’s only coincidence. But since I’ve been involved in Young Mom Support, I have noticed that very often, it’s men who are more understanding, less judgemental, more open to discussion and less prone to vicious insults and name-calling than the women. That doesn’t apply to online comments forums though – the people that frequent those are a species unto themselves and each as nasty as the next.

Again, a generalisation – but I have seen and been around many more women being insulting, condescending and downright cruel towards young mothers than men. There have been nasty men too, but somehow they’re not quite as PERSONAL in their dislike of young moms as the women are

Can anyone explain? Perhaps it’s because women are notoriously hard on other women, and will often expect more from their own daughters than from their sons? Maybe they expect “better” from girls, as they’ve had to go through the same things?

And I also have to wonder – if these shrill baggages are mothers themselves – do they have sons or daughters?

I would have thought that with shared experiences would come empathy and a tiny bit of kindness.

I don’t get it.




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