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Best meeting ever yesterday, in my completely unbiased opinion. 🙂

Antoinette from Hope House joined us for a bit – they run a perinatal mental health program right there at the hospital, counselling moms who are at high risk for depression. They also offer a range of counselling services at their Bergvliet offices. Read all about their great work here .

Excited that we are going to refer clients to each other – we don’t do counselling, obviously, but it’s great to have a now-familiar face to whom we can refer our moms if they need it.

Lots of new faces, including a lovely family who came all the way from Kraaifontein to join us. Special ladies, thank you.

Nobody ever has their own child for longer than 5 minutes – lots of baby swapping going on, and that means plenty of chances for tired moms to have a break and a cuppa tea. You can’t underestimate the rejuvenating power of being able to drink & eat with both hands free.

Jo-Ann from Seawinds also joined us – she’s going to help us branch out to the Retreat / Lavender Hill areas, as soon as we find a venue. Everybody wants us!

Got a touch of the infamous Baby-Arm again – that ache in the left upper arm that out-of-practice moms get from holding tiny babies all day. Ouch.

Other quick news, am very grateful to everyone who has supported us by buying The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No Kindle edition from Amazon. The royalties might not be much, but every cent goes towards the group. You’re doing a good thing, thank you.

Will let the pics do the rest of the talking. For more pics – please Like our Facebook page and see them all there.

Nadia & baby Carmen - 3 weeks old
New buddies
The big lil ones
Felicia & Nana
Busy babies

Leeza & Lucca - our lil poser

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