We need food

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Let’s keep this short and sweet.

Young Mom Support has no money. You know this, because I tell you all the time.

We have never focused on food relief because it’s not our core business and wanted to work on more sustainable, long-lasting help that will really make a difference. However, all the study opportunities, emotional support and helpful information in the world does not help if our moms are hungry today. TODAY, RIGHT NOW, people I consider my friends have not eaten. They will feed their children first and go hungry themselves.

With this worry about the next meal, they cannot concentrate at school, they cannot see anything beyond suppertime tonight, and they are in danger of feeling forced into a dangerous situation with an unsavoury boyfriend, or worse. If you need to eat, you do what you must.

So we’re going to have to get some food parcels going. The basics, just for those who are most in need, at times when they most need it. Most of our moms never come right out and say they need help like this. When she does pluck up the courage to say, and we’re able to help – the relief is extreme. Right now we have upwards of 20-25 moms active in our Masi group and about the same in Driftsands. This is NOT counting all the others from all over the country that we speak to daily.

I need you. A small food parcel that will help for a few days will cost in the region of R200. It won’t last long. But it will take the edge off.

What can you do:


1. Donate cash. Bank details are below – or use the Donate widget on the right to donate with a credit card.

2. Donate food goodies – preferably non-perishables. Email me at info@youngmomsupport.co.za to find out where you can drop off

3. Offer to be a collection point in your area – where people can drop goodies off. We can discuss how to make this work

4. Get your company involved. If you have contacts in the food / retail / other industries – we need them to know about us

5. Share this post wherever you can.

This week we’ve been discussing the possibility of shutting YMS down for good – doubting our effectiveness, doubting our future and probably suffering from burnout too! We need a shot in the arm to keep us going. 


Bank details

Bank: FNB

Account Name: Young Mom Support
Account number 62437922489
Branch code: 255355

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