Babalwa’s Story: Strong Woman

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Babalwa has asked me to post her story for her. For those of you from outside SA, note that English is not her first language. She’s in Grade 11 currently.


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   Strong Woman

My name is Babalwa Njini. I was born in Cape Town, and I went to Eastern Cape and my grandmother raised me until I went back to Cape Town to my parents.  I went to school and Ukhanyo Primary School I did all the grades until High School.

My life is hard because I have a child – his name is Emihle. When I was pregnant I cried because I was young to be a mother, so I was saying I don’t want this child because I need education. I want my life to be easy and I don’t want to have serious for child things, because a child is a hard thing. I was shocked I was pregnant but now I love my child. My child is important in my life now. He is a beautiful boy, he loves his mom and grandmother.


When my child wants some things I don’t have because I don’t have money. I go to school and my mother doesn’t work. She looks after my child when I go to school, but now she wants a job because we are suffering at home. Maybe we don’t have food to eat or we don’t have electricity to light for my child and we sleep without electricity. But God is good and we can survive because God is good all the time. And I don’t have a father, my grandmother took the house of my father and sold it to other people. When I asked my grandmother why do you do this to us she say she wanted to do tradition for us but she did not do it.

Every day I think about my father’s house, those people they stay in my father’s house, I pray to God, I want my father’s house.

But now I look to my future because I want to raise my child and I want to give my child a future in life. People say my future is over but God says carry on with your future and be successful in your life. I want to be a journalist one day in my life because education is important in this life.

But I am a strong woman. No-one can take that. I am a strong woman.

© Babalwa Njini 2014


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