In My Own Voice: Minenhle’s Story

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The first in our series of stories told by teen moms themselves. We want to hear from you! If you’d like to see your own story here, please email


I am Minenhle, I am 20years old and a teen mom. I got pregnant in 2012, when I was 18 years old in grade 11 at a secondary school in KZN.

When I first found out that I was pregnant I wanted to abort the child because I believed I wasn’t ready to be a mom and looking at my home situation which isn’t the best one. My mom earned R250 a week which she uses for groceries and my bus fare.  Bringing another life on earth wouldn’t be a smart choice but I decided to keep the baby and told myself everything will be fine there is always a solution to every problem.

At first my boyfriend was supportive but he suddenly changed and never had time for me and was always too busy to be with me.

I continued going to school because I wanted to achieve more, going whole day long without having a meal never stopped me. The stigma that other students had about me never kept me down but I continued to strive for the best.

When I was 7 months pregnant in August the principal said I must stay at home because at that stage of pregnancy its too risky to be in school, and if should anything happen the teachers are not nurses nor doctors to help me.  So I stayed at home. When I was 8 months pregnant my boyfriend dumped me and said I was boring and he wanted fun and active people around him.

When I was in labour the nurses told me that my baby is too stressed maybe he will not make it. Fortunately he survived and was well.

Minenhle & Asanda

In November I went back to school for my exams and pulled it through and passed my grade 11. I support my son through child  support grant and sometimes middle of the month it happens that we run out of nappies and milk. Then I have to use clothes as nappies and give him tea.

During my matric year(2013) i missed lot of days in school because I had to sometimes stay with the baby when there is no one to look after him because he didn’t have nappies and milk.

Through it all I still pulled it through and passed my matric. Now my son is 19 months and he’s growing and a happy child. He is one of the reasons I wake up every morning knowing that I can do anything, even though I am not currently working.

I have learned that in life God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and if I am not one of those soldiers he wasn’t gonna make me fight this battle.


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