In my own voice: Ravonne’s Story

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Hi. My name is Ravonne. And I am a teen mom. I fell pregnant in my matric year(2013). I was 17.

The only 2 people working in my household were my older sister and my dad. My sister has a 1 year old daughter herself.

My boyfriend and I use to talk about having a baby ONE DAY. That’s a HUGE one day. So when it actually happened, actually I already was pregnant when we started talking about it.

So, in February 2013, my period disappeared. I thought my cycle was changing. The next few months went by and I started to believe something serious was wrong.

August 29th,my mom took me to the hospital and that’s when we found out that I was 7 months pregnant.  I was shocked and so was my mom. She was really disappointed. The rest of my family as well. My boyfriend did not expect it at all. It took him almost 3 days to tell his dad. I had no symptoms. None. So it never crossed my mind that I could be.

October came and I was about to write my finals. I only got to write the first paper though☹.

The principal called my mom in to tell her I won’t be able to write further for just in case. I was so sad and so disappointed in myself. I was excited to write my finals,to see my name in the newspaper.

 I gave birth on October 29 at 15h55. My boyfriend was with me every step of the way. He drove me back and forth. Rubbed my back, fed me when I couldn’t eat. He was there.  And I thought “oh,well I’m writing the next day so if I go home at 22h00 I can still continue writing.”

Wrong. I tore. I had a 3rd degree tear and had to stay in hospital the whole week.
A few months went by and February 2014,I wrote the supplementary exam.

I am now waiting to get my results. Hopefully I passed. I gave it my best.

Today I can honestly say that GOD is real. HE does exist. And I’m so honoured and privileged to have HIM in my life and to worship him. If it was not for him, heaven knows what could have happened seeing that I did not know I was expecting, I drank and smoked a lot as well.

For that I named my daughter Naveah,which is heaven spelt backwards. I just replaced the “e” with an “a”.

I love my mom. She’s been there for me throughout the whole pregnancy. My boyfriend as well. We are still together and happy as ever.

The past year has been really difficult on the both of us but we love each other dearly and we adore our baby girl. She is now 6 months old.


Ravonne and Naveah
Ravonne and Naveah

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