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Hey I’m Angelique I’m 18 years old. I had my baby girl on 6 months in my final matric exams. She was 3 months premature and was placed in Cape Town N1 City Netcare so I couldn’t finish my exams, because she’s my first priority and she needed me more than ever. It was a hard difficult time in my life i had to get through. I promised myself that no matter how hard it is i will go back and finished what i started. February this year i went back to re write my matric exams and i passed! And i want to thank God for making me the strong women i am today! <3

Turning 19 this year in December and I’m expecting a baby boy anytime this month and I’m still stressing about my matric exams however with young mom support and the support I’m getting from my boyfriend and parents I strongly believe that I will make it through to University next year. Thank you young mom support

I’m Robin, 20 years of age. I fell pregnant in 2010 while doing grade 10. I finished my grade 10 while pregnant and passed to grade 11. I gave birth to an adorable baby on the 9th of January 2011. I thank God for such supportive parents and family. Yes, i was on a downfall with my babys daddy but i thank God for best friends. I stayed at home till the 8th February 2011 and went back to school in grade 11 at Voortrekker High School in Kenilworth Cape Town. The teachers understood me through pregnancy and all. I passed to matric and in 2012 matriculated with a degree. Not too bad but i made it as a teen mom. It wasnt a easy path for me but i made it. Im now 20 years of age, my baby Saskia is 3 years old and me and her daddy is together and living the life of a happy family. Thank you God, my family and friends and teachers for their patience, love and care.

I am Thandile Siyonzana and I am 19 years old and had my baby when I was 18 years old on the 13th of July 2013, I finished my matric year in 2013. It was very hard having to deal with school work, being nauseous and always tired and sleepy, but because I wanted a good future for myself and my baby I pushed myself to study very hard and with the support I got from my parents, friends and teachers who were patient with me I made it. Now my baby Girl is 10 Months old and a busy bee, I’m glad I have her in my life because she have brought us very close as a family, she is a real blessing, we thank God for her life. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

My name is Abigail. Almost 6yrs ago,I found myself in matric, final year of school and then I found out I was pregnant. At first when I found out I was shocked, angry, frustrated,hurt, sad cause what is the kids gonna say on school. Had thoughts of going for an abortion, giving the child up for adoption or something cause I was scared what my mom going to say. Eventually when I was forced against my will to go for a abortion but I didn’t want to go for it, I prayed and prayed that something must came up so that this won’t proceed, the day I went they found they can’t go ahead cause I was too far.
Went to school cause the kids could see already and they were talking already, but I went back to school,during my June exams,I gave birth to a wonderful son, but the main thing that kept me pushing was because all the judging comments,gossiping,etc.
I said I wanna do it for my child and I wanna persevere towards all these remarks, after having my baby I went back to school as usual, attended extra classes, holiday classes, and at the end of the day when I had to get my results I passed with a Diploma….and I thank God for that because He kept me going and I persevered towards what I wanted.
Its hard to be on school and you get pregnant,but I later found out it was just all in God’s plan and that this is what’s happening in real life, God used me to see what teenage girls go through ,how they feel etc, but you learn from your mistakes but you can be successful as well when having a baby in matric….I hope my story can encourage young teenage moms to persevere towards what they want in life….God bless

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  1. lindiswa
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    I am 18 years old I am doing matric I fell pregnant in June I am now 4month pregnant and I am the only hope my father is left father doesn’t know about the pregnancy. Plz help

    • Tracy Engelbrecht
      | Reply

      Hi Lindiswa

      Take a breath. You will be okay. You have some hard decisions to make and difficult actions to take, but you can do it.

      Regardless of what you decide to do – you need to get to the doctor ASAP for confirmation of the pregnancy and antenatal care. This is NOT-NEGOTIABLE.

      First, decide for yourself – do you WANT to continue the pregnancy? If money and your father’s feelings weren’t a factor – what do YOU want?

      If the answer is no – you still have a little time for an abortion.
      When you go to the doctor or clinic, you can ask them about this then. They must give you supportive information and advice about where and when you can get it. Bear in mind that abortions are more difficult to obtain after 12 weeks of pregnancy. You must not be tempted to visit an illegal or “street” abortion doctor – they are dangerous, and can injure you badly, make you sick or even kill you. Please don’t do that. A proper doctor is the only way to go.
      I understand if you don’t wish to tell your father about your pregnancy and abortion – however you should have someone with you who can support you. A friend or relative who can go with you.

      If you DO want to have the baby, you can consider giving baby up for adoption or raising it yourself.

      If you choose one of these options, you need to tell your father ASAP because you will need his help. You will need help financially and with help with looking after your child.

      It will be difficult to talk to him, and he will be angry and shocked, probably. However, if he cares for you, he will realise that you need him now and will decide to help you. On the other hand, if you have experience with your father being violent or abusive, you need to be aware that he may not support you. In that case, if you need somewhere else to live, you need to start addressing that now.
      When you go to the clinic, ask them for details of social workers in your area who can help you to find other accommodation if you need it.

      School should not be too much of an issue as you’re already in matric so as long as you pass this year, you won’t have to go back after you have the baby.

      I know it seems difficult now. And it WILL be hard. But the only way to get through it is by doing the small difficult things one at a time, each day.

      Start with getting to the clinic. From there, make your decision about what you want, and then speak to your dad.

      You can’t live in denial – you need to stand up and take charge of your life.

      You can do it. Whatever happens, you will be okay.

      Let me know if I can help further?
      I am thinking of you.

  2. Anganathi Anga
    | Reply

    Hey am Anga am a teen mom i am doing grade11 this year. I got pregnant while i was 15years old i was in grade8 and i failed my grade8 and went back the next year to repeat my grade8 i gave birth to a babu boy on the 26th of July in2012 but i thank my single parent that did not give up on me sent me back to school and passed my grade8 and move on to the next grade and i thank my teachers too.. They encouraged me not to leave school. Thank you god for everything

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