This is for you

Hello you

I don’t know your name – but I know what you’re feeling right now. You think you might be pregnant. Or you know you are. It wasn’t planned, and you’re scared. Or maybe it was planned, in some kind of way, and you’re still scared. You haven’t told anyone yet and now you sit, googling for answers. For information. For what the hell to do now.

Being here, reading this right now, is a big enough step. Because maybe up to now you’ve tried to avoid thinking about it. Hoping that somehow when you wake up everything will be back to normal. Reading this now is admitting that the normal you used to know is gone. That’s pretty big. So let’s just take a breath for a second. I’m holding your hand, see? I’m here. You are not as alone as you think you are. As I’m writing this I’m picturing your face. I used to be you. See that funny looking girl at the back on the far left? That was me, smiling for the photo but feeling just as you do right now.


She’s okay now. She started being okay very shortly after this picture was taken. As scared as you are now, there is only ONE thing that will make you feel better.

Take charge. 

Don’t wait another second. Being pregnant at this stage in your life was likely not part of the plan. There are million things to consider. You have to decide what you want to do – you need to consider all your options.  You need to speak to your parents. 

You need to ask am I willing to be a mother right now, in this place and time in my life. You need to consider the father’s reaction and thoughts.

You need to think about school. 

The list of things to consider feels too long. The possibility that your family and friends may reject you is scary.

I promise you though, hiding away and ignoring the issue is only making you feel worse.

As scary as the reality is – the uncertainty and the unknown of what MIGHT happen is worse. There is only one person who can do what needs doing right now, and that’s you.

And again, I promise you, you can.

Take that first step. If that means getting to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy – do that tomorrow.

If it means talking to your school or your parents or boyfriend – do that tomorrow.

Not next week or next month. There will never be a right time. It might not be a pleasant experience, and it’s likely you will face some drama from your family, at least at first. But you will be moving forward.

Right now you’re stuck.

Unstick yourself, tonight. Make the decision to reach out for help, NOW.

I know for sure that each little step forward, no matter what direction you end up going, makes you feel stronger than you’ve ever thought you could.

Those choices and hard conversations are for tomorrow. Tonight, you decide to act. And know that we’ve got you.

It’s okay.

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