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Anonymous story from YMS user. I present it without comment. 


“Congratulations, it’s a little girl” the nurse said. All I could think was how can a little girl have another little girl.

It all began when I met the lovely S. My parents never encouraged interracial relationships but what they didn’t know, wouldn’t kill them, but it didn’t mean they would never find out.

My period was late and this was usual but the cramps weren’t so I went to the doctor only to find I had a life growing in me. What was I gonna tell my parents. 6 months and I would be a mother. How could I be a mother while I needed mothering?

I eventually told my parents and S decided to flee. My pregnancy was kept a secret and my little baby girl was passed off as my niece to family members.

She knows how much I love her and I tell her every day. What hurts I can’t build up the courage to tell her as a mother.

I pray to God every day to help me finish school and assist me to make it big so I can tell her I was her mommy all this time and she will be proud. Cause everything I do, is for her

Anonymous x



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