Call for guest posts

Thanks for everybody’s support on yesterdays abortion post. A difficult one to write.

After having some brave readers share their experiences as comments on that post, I’ve been thinking and hatching cunning plans.

Am considering some guest posts from people who have experienced a crisis pregnancy. I’d like to cover each of the main options i.e. people who have chosen abortion, adoption or parenting, respectively.

Also interested in hearing from men who’ve been through it with their partners or ex’s, as well as parents whose daughter or son may have been there.

I’d like them to tell their story as if they were telling somebody in the same situation who was asking the question: “What was it like for you?”

I’d like to hear from people initially who are ultimately satisfied with the choice they made, even though with each there are always hardships, challenges and very often, doubts that you made the right choice.

I’d like stories from the heart, telling it like it is, no drama or horror stories, just the plain simple truth of how the writer experienced that time in their lives.  Obviously, given the standpoint of yesterday’s post, it’s important that the writer make it clear that her choices are her own and exclusive to her – it’s not to change anybody’s mind about any particular choice, just to state the facts of “here’s why I did what I did”

You can remain anonymous if you like, that’s cool.

So – any takers? Anybody interested in sharing your experience and maybe helping somebody in crisis see things clearly?

Email me at

Thank you dearies.



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