In my own voice : more stories from moms like you

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Note: some moms request to remain anonymous. All stories are presented as told, only changed to remove personal information where anonymity as been requested.


Ms A from Durban

I was just a little girl when I had my little girl, I named her after my two favourite idols and a friend.

D was my friend, we would joke about getting married and having a life together. I never thought it would happen because my parents didn’t want their only daughter marrying a white guy and his family vice versa.

One night, D seemed to say all the things I as an insecure person wanted to hear. One thing lead to another and woke up I was no longer a virgin and later on to find out, that I was eating for two. All at the age 15.

His family told me to abort and my family… They would never accept that their niece wouldn’t be dark as them or she would have grey eyes like her father

Eight months at the age 16, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I had no one from my family was there at my birth

Straight after my birth, my parents forced me to give my baby to D’s family so I could focus on my studies but truth is, everyday hurts, everyday she grows and I’m not there to be a mother

I pray that she understands x


Ms Z from Soweto

I am 18 and a young mother of a 2 month old baby I had him on the 17th of January 2015.
Well, my life hasn’t been the same ever since I had a baby. The baby daddy didn’t want anything to do with him and didn’t even bother to tell his family that he impregnated someone.
I lost my mother on 2009. My family doesn’t want anything to do with him I’m struggling financial and emotional. They even put me in the back room told me I will cook for myself and do things for myself.
Thank God there’s a social grant that the government provides that the only thing that has been helping me and my 2month old baby.


Avuyonke from East London

It was the 22nd February 2014 when i conceived my beautiful boy. I know the date because it was the only day me and his father had an unprotected sex. As unplanned this pregnancy was he was the only person who supported me throughout the pregnancy. Am a university student at University of Fort Hare where a student is kicked out of Residence when she is 32 weeks pregnant.

My boyfriend took his last cent and rented me a flat because i had to finish exams then leave after my last paper on the 13th of November. My pregnancy was full of challenges, to make the long story short on the 19th of November i was blessed with a healthy baby boy. And of course i passed with 4 distinctions. Am now  doing my 2nd year in my degree of social work.

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    So many young girls becoming mommies, and such a lonely place to be because society has ideas on how old a new mommy should be. Instead of spending energy on judging these girls, reach out to them and help them uplift themselves.

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