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We have a couple of regular sponsors who donate between R100 & R300 a month to Young Mom Support. To those donors, thank you. NONE of this would be possible without you.

We also get fairly regular donations of clothes etc. However, blunt as it sounds – it’s not enough. To grow, to do what we want to do, to really make a difference to the lives of young moms and their children – what we need is money. Cashola. Lots. Although, of course, every R1 helps.

Our most regular expenses are below – at the moment, this is all we really have money for and can’t really grow further without more help. We also have expansion plans to branch out to other areas but this will involve a fair bit of travelling / petrol money etc

Regular expenses
Venue hire
Refreshments for meetings – I bake and supply eats, coffee, tea, juice etc
Phone calls & SMS’s to moms to organise and sometimes long chats to counsel and console

This month we spent money on a subsidised first aid / au pair course for 3 of our moms (will blog news about that soon!). Was an awesome cheaper rate but still took a fair chunk of our cash. We also had to obviously help the moms with travel / taxi fare and for one, childcare money too. If the only thing standing in the way of her taking an opportunity that could change her life even in a small way is the R140 for 2 days of daycare- we have to do it, don’t you think?

Printing and stationery – we do need to print more flyers than we do, brochures and other interesting info for the moms. Business cards would be nice too. Have also spent some money on a pile of informative booklets on a range of topics – but we need more.

Website hosting – cheap and worth it, yet still a chunk of cash.

Emergency food parcels – we’ve done these occasionally for some people in dire straits. There is way more need than we are able to accomodate

Guest speakers – many guests will speak for free but not all, and not necessarily the ones we need the most.

General – I had a request from a mom for help with a rent deposit on a backyard wendy house so she could move her children out of the unpleasant circumstances they were in and take charge of her life for herself. I had to say no. I didn’t have the R300 she needed.  Then there’s the little things that are easy to forget –  the trip to Wimpy to meet a new mom over coffee who hasn’t joined the group yet but needs to talk, for example. That money comes from somewhere.

Courses – imagine if we could afford to send our moms on more regular short courses? We’ve got big ideas on getting them all driving, for example, not only to improve their employment prospects but also their sense of accomplishment and confidence. Another idea we have is to start a small entrepreneurship program where each mom comes up with an idea for their own micro business and we supply a small amount of money to get started. Can’t do it, not yet.

Basically, what it comes down to is we’re running this whole operation on about R500 a month (and a fair amount of blood, sweat & tears) and we can’t do any of the things we need to on this amount. This is a lot to some people (as it is to me, actually. Considering that one of my children’s school fees take up approximately half of my salary, and I’m still wearing my dressing gown that’s been chewed by the dog because I can’t afford a new one,  I KNOW what it means for money to be tight and to be unable to stretch that budget further). And yet I know there are others of you for whom R500 or $70 dollars a month is nothing.

Fundraising is not something I am good at. It’s not something I have, as yet, put a lot of effort into, I admit. It’s such an overwhelming task. There are ways to raise funds, I know. Most of which involve spending some money. Which we don’t have, just yet.

Bottom line. If we’re going to grow, we need help – from official channels (this one takes time) and from ordinary people.

So how can you help?

Must be blunt again. At the moment, our biggest need is cash. We have closets full of baby clothes, generously donated and gratefully received, which we DO distribute. But the needs of our families are much more diverse than this.

So what can you do?

1. Buy a book. Every cent from every copy of The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No sold goes towards our group. To be honest, it’s very little. But it makes a difference to me. So buy one – HERE. Go – go do it now.Then come back to read the rest, go on, I’ll wait.

Ah – you’re back. Hi.

If you’ve already read it, that was quick –  (and hopefully liked it? Gaah), write a review on your blog on on some other book review site. The more exposure we get, the more sales, the more DOLLARS and the more we can help our moms. To those who have, my sincere thanks. You’re my new best friends.

2. Tell somebody about us. Tell lots of people. We’re great. We’re sweet and nice people. Tell everybody this. There’s got to be somebody out there with lotto winnings burning a hole in their pocket. Maybe you know them? Got Oprah’s phone number? Yay.  I’ll be having that. Thanks.

3. See that handy widget on the right which says DONATE VIA PAYPAL? Click on him. He’s very polite and easy to follow and you can use your existing Paypal account to pop some cash to us, magically, or sign up for a new account to do it.

4. If you’d rather not be having with all that new-fangled nonsense – you can do it the old-fashioned way and do an EFT into our bank account. Email me at info@youngmomsupport.co.za for the details.

Asking for money is a horrible job and I don’t enjoy it. But am biting the bullet because I have no choice.  I can’t do it alone.

There aren’t enough thank you’s in the world for the people who have helped us in so many ways. To those who have helped us before, I won’t ask you to do it again – you have already made a difference. This is for those who haven’t heard of us yet.

If you can’t help right now, it’s okay. Just remember us when you can. I appreciate it more than you know.







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