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So much news.

First my news. We are fortunate to be starting to partner with The Parent Centre in Wynberg who will offering Parenting & Leadership Training (train the trainer) to 2 members of our group, who will then be able to go forward and share the their knowledge with others in their community. My mom Linda will be attending and one other mom who will be chosen from those who have put their names forward.

The Parent Centre will also be offering parenting related workshops and talks on a variety of topics – whatever we want to learn about – they can do it! So, so excited. Watch this space also for news of a special community Parenting Indaba for Women’s Month in August which they will be helping us with.

See their website here: The Parent Centre   

Guests today!

My dad postponed his regular Saturday morning golf game to join us for a bit. That’s a big deal, I’ll have you know. It was great to have him there to meet the moms and see what we do. He admitted to a having a tear in the eye. He’s a good man, my dad.

Supernannies: We were joined today by Karin Thomsen who handed out the certificates for the moms who attended her first aid and childcare course. The girls LOVED the experience and it looks set to become a more regular event. Thank you to Karin and Supernannies for thinking of us – you have made a difference and we’re proud to be associated with you. Please see their Facebook page and think of them if you’re looking for a well-trained and reliable nanny or au pair.

Lindy & Elam, Me, Felicia & Sima & Karin from Supernannies
Joylene, me & baby Tyra (a new one, yay!)


Volunteer Mzansi Afrika: We were honoured to have Chantel Daniels from VMA and her partners Marion & Denise who lead us in motivational exercise on speaking your dreams and making a plan to reach them. The things you need along the way – support, listening to the right people, removing the bad voices from your life. Asking for help. Stretching as far as you can to get there. I don’t have the proper words to express how much this one touched me.

We started with an affirmation of ourselves. Many of the moms had never heard of such a thing. Giving yourself a round of applause? Just for being a mom? A single, teenage, unemployed mom? Who’s ever told them they’re worth applause? Chantal did. Tentatively at first, and then with true belief and VOLUME. Talk about emotional. Yikes.

To see them organise themselves into teams and cheer each other on was so special. I KNOW for a fact that what Chantel and her team spoke of today had a direct, practical, physical impact on more than one person and they’re going to be living a different life TOMORROW because of it.

It’s one thing for a bunch of smarmy business men to attend a motivational talk on affirming themselves – but to do it for somebody who has really and truly NEVER thought of themselves as CAPABLE and WORTHY – that is beyond incredible.

You ladies are awesome. Please visit VMA’s Facebook page for more about what they do. 

Denise, Chantel & Marion
Nadia - speaking her vision for herself - throwing it out there
The "Supermoms" team
The "Charming Girls" team
Joylene & Nadia learning about support & choosing the right people to help you
Liezl & Nadia working & walking together

Liezl’s Knitting: Liezl Jephta joined our group for the first time today after we met up a few weeks ago. She’s the single mom of 4, living a hard and desperate life. She has made mistakes, she is not perfect, in her own words, she is “broken”. She has begged on the street, she has not known how to help herself. We donated some knitting needles and wool to her for a way to earn some money. Today she arrived with the most BEAUTIFUL babies’ jerseys, beanies, scarves. I was blown away by the quality and bought them all for our group. They were snapped in a second by the moms and everybody wants more. She sat the entire meeting knitting at the speed of light. It might not sound like much – but having that attention on her, having everybody impressed by her work – having a room full of people APPLAUD her efforts – wow. Just wow. Do you know what a difference that makes to hopelessness? (She’s in the photo above with Nadia)

Okay – that’s all for now. The other photos are in our Facebook album – PLEASE PLEASE go and look (busy uploading now, gimme a chance 🙂 ). Just looking at them again now I am all weepy and astounded by how things are going.

Once again, thank you to everybody who is there for us. We couldn’t so it without you.


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