Getting there – new beginnings

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My goal for a couple of weeks ago was to raise some more funds for Young Mom Support as our bank account was getting scary very rather low. Check. Thank you to:

Bridget, Dagmar & Brendan, Clemence, Robin, Big Tom & fam, Camilla, Natalie, Surita. You are human beings of most excellent noteworthiness. πŸ™‚

Last week the goal was to find a new day job. Ideally, I’d have wanted to be able to do Young Mom Support fulltime and support my family at the same time. We’re a long way from there unless Bill Gates reads my blog, in which case, sir – do get in touch πŸ™‚

So I was hanging on at the current job where I’ve been for four years – it’s been a long time coming but there’s always been other considerations to weigh up. Tuesday last week I decided it was time. By Friday, after 2 CV’s sent out, one reply, one interview, I’d signed on the dotted line at a great new place doing something new and different which I love. Not Young Moms related at all but very definitely, ME. It happened very quickly and I feel incredibly lucky.

Thank you to everybody who made that happen and who encouraged me to go for it. I was very nervous for the resignation portion of the exercise but it went well today and I’m grateful and happy that everybody understands my reasons and wishes me well.

So. New job: check.

Sunday afternoon we spied a possible new venue for meetings and hopefully some storage at an amazing place which I’m not going to mention yet, but which, if we could be involved with them would be HUGE for us, and an honour to be associated with them.

I tried very somewhat a little bit hard not to jump the gun and get my hopes up before we knew anything. Alas, I’d fallen in love with the place while peering in the windows. So. Am in for a nasty broken heart if it doesn’t work out.By that logic I shouldn’t be blogging about it at all but… heck. Logic shmogic, as far as I’m concerned. This is me, putting it out there.

Fortune favours the brave, not so? If there’s anything I’ve learnt this week, it’s THAT.

Today we set up a meeting with the folks in charge – seeing them tomorrow to find out if there’s a plan to be made for us all.

Please wish us luck. We’ve been – I’VE been – so lucky already, in all our/my endevours, I don’t know if we’re pushing it now. But still – hopes ARE sky high, I can’t help it.

Cheer us on, gimme a hug and a cookie if I fall hard.


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