A mother’s dream

An extract from the business plan which one of our moms created. She has given her permission for me to post it here, but I won’t mention her name, or anything else about her.

My Dream

I want to open my own business so I can help mothers living in poverty and living with HIV. Even to help myself so that I can feed by kids and pay for their education. I want to feed my kids a healthy plate of food every day and put in bread for daughter that’s going to school.

I want to be poverty free  and be strong and independent. Give  my kids everything they want and a good education. I want to have money put away for them so that they can study further. I know I can so will be strong, independent and a good business lady. If I die then I want to die with dignity and pride.



You can argue that she shouldn’t have had children she can’t afford. She’s said it herself – and struggles with guilt in that regard every day. The why’s and how’s are always more complicated than outside observers can figure, because they involve fallible humans and not statistics or textbook stereotypes. Fact is, they’re here and she has dreams for them that don’t sound any different to anybody else’s.

And that’s all I wanted to say.




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