Party planners R Us

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One week to go until the Great Young Mom Support Christmas party of ’11.

First of all – I have to say that my mom Linda has done most of the hard work singlehandedly since I’m at work (blah) all day long (blah) and can’t do anything during the day (double blah). She is a superhuman party planning machine.

She has shopped, baked, sorted, wrapped, labelled, counted, freaked, counted again, made lists and freaked some more. None of this party thing would be possible without her. Thank you dear Ma.

Our house looks like…a Red Cross distribution depot? Santa’s workshop? The inner sanctum of some crazy people who may have bitten off more than they can chew?

We’ve To Do lists up the wazoo (okay, well stuck all over the kitchen wall then), our “office” (once Layla’s bedroom which she very generously offered up to the cause) is a boobytrapped minefield of presents and boxes with orange dots and boxes without orange dots (hang on, are the orange dotted ones for the babies or NOT for the babies?)

I think we’ve done all our present shopping although we are expecting some donated gift boxes this week which will also need to be sorted and labelled.

Friday is a holiday, thank goodness, cos I’ll be spending the day baking hundreds of cupcakes and stuffing them into more boxes (some with orange dots, some without). It will be all hands on deck that day and let’s just hope we all hang on to our sense of humour.

Then Saturday we’re up with the birds and ready for the hordes. Santa has his gumboots and safety pins for his costume and has been practicing his ho-ho-ho’s. Santa’s helpers (Layla and two friends) are SO FAR not chickening out of wearing the reindeer horns and ringing the bells but who can tell on the day. Nobody has had a nervous breakdown yet but it’s only Monday so there’s still time.

Of course we’re worried we’ve left some child off the list who won’t get a prezzie, or some mothers will arrive with extra children not catered for, or that they’ve told their friends and millions of new people will turn up and cause a riot. You know, the usual.

Prestik. Don’t let me forget the Prestik, for pity’s sake. And the extension cord. Labels. Gaah. Must buy more labels. And also mustn’t forget that Portia the child is separate from Portia the mother and that the two Emihle’s are not interchangeable.

Wish us luck dears. Here’s a pic of some of the children’s prezzies, before the donated gifts have arrived.


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