Young Mom Support goes to market!

In the previous post, I wrote about ABLE mothers who can face challenges.

I’ve written many times about Liezl, one of our moms who we met when she was in a very dark place. A talented seamstress and single mother of four, she faces several health challenges, was unemployed, desperate and convinced she didn’t have much time left. She could see no way forward. Bogged down with fear, shame, confusion and anger – she wasn’t being the best mom she could be.

Read more about Liezl here, and here.

We’ve come a long road with her; there’s still a long way to go. But now she says she has family in us, and that if she hadn’t seen our poster in the clinic that day and decided to call me, she would have given up by now.

Last week she was given the opportunity to sell her beautiful handmade textile items at the St Luke’s Hospice Tree-Lighting in Kenilworth. Her first outing to sell her creations to paying customers. She was incredibly proud of the flyers I made for her and handed them out with every purchase.

She did well,and made, she said, enough money to feed her family for four weeks. This amount, I have to point out, is less than most “middle-class” families would spend on groceries for one week. But there you go. She did it.

She brought her oldest daughter with and we had a fantastic time. A day of toffee apples, hot dogs and being able to say “YES” to her child when she asked for something, instead of always no. The tree-lighting was an emotional occasion as she remembered her mother who she lost when she was a child.

So here’s a pic of us (Liezl, me and my mom Linda) at her table (scuse my CRAAAAZY eyes) and you can see a bit of the beautiful cushions, shoulder bags, baby carriers and cushion covers she makes.

It’s a tiny step and won’t solve every problem. Of course not. But the boost to her confidence and self-esteem can’t be underestimated. Feeling good today will help her try again tomorrow.

Very honoured to have been part of it.



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