2012 Plans: We MUST do it

Here we go!

Our next meeting is Saturday 21 January at 10h30, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Centre, Guinea Fowl Road, Masiphumelele.

Something that’s been on our wishlist forever and which I’m determined to make happen this year: a place of our own.

Not necessarily to hold our meetings, because we need a lot of space for that.

What we need is a small 2 or 3 bedroomed house, preferably in Fish Hoek or surrounds, where we can work from, store all our things and maybe use as emergency temporary accommodation for moms in dire straits.

It’s happened too often, and again today, that desperate moms call me needing somewhere to stay because their partner or family has kicked them out, or as in today’s situation, she’s being evicted because the rent or rates is in arrears. Today’s mom is being forced to make a choice – come up with R800 for the sheriff or give up her children to the welfare because the social workers can organise shelter for her children, but not for her. The money isn’t the issue though, because even if she pays it now (if she had the money, which she doesn’t), next month and the next the problem will still be there. What she needs is a breathing space in which she can find her feet, without breaking her family up.

So – we need this house. We need to be able to offer a bed to someone who otherwise would be homeless. Even if it’s for a few days while she figures out a better solution.

As you know, we gratefully receive some financial donations from various generous donors. But this isn’t enough to pay rent and utilities on a small house.

Rent in Fish Hoek is average R6000 (about $750) a month for the kind of place we need. Add some extra for electricity etc.

Between our Young Mom Support & Girl Who Couldn’t Say No Facebook pages, we have nearly 500 people who “like” us. If each of those people were willing to donate $5 a month – how much could we do?

I know it’s not nice to ask for money. I know you’re all inundated for requests for help from many worthy causes. I know you don’t *have* money to give. I know all this, because I’m in the same boat! 🙂 It’s so horribly awkward to be asking, but I kinda feel I have to. It’s not for me. It’s not for my children. It’s for people who otherwise often don’t  have anybody to speak for them. I know that if I won the lotto tomorrow, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Even if you or your family can’t donate yourselves – can you help us spread the word of what we’re trying to do, to people who maybe CAN help us?

A little house. A bed for a mom and her child. It’s not a lot to wish for, is it?








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