Meeting photos 17 March 2012

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Another meeting’s come and gone. This time we were joined by Helen Imrie – a speech and language therapist who spoke to our moms about communicating with their babies, how to encourage communication and the moms realised that they were already doing everything right! They just didn’t necessarily realise that their usual routines of singing songs, playing games and reading to their children were so important and having such an impact on their future learning development.

We had great fun and look forward to similar events in the future. If you have skills you’d like to share with our group, and a couple of hours to spare on a Saturday morning – please let me know. We’re looking for anybody with an interesting or inspiring story, educational skills or knowledge to share with us. Not necessarily parenting related either.

A comment we’ve heard is that talks like this are not necessarily our moms top priority – many of them struggling with big issues of poverty, HIV – basic survival. However, it won’t do to underestimate our moms and their willingness to learn and embrace every opportunity, no matter how much they might be faced with.

Just because you’re poor, or uneducated, or young, or sick – doesn’t mean you don’t think of other things. Doesn’t mean you don’t find ways to enjoy your life, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun.

Think about joining us for a morning – we want to hear from you!

Thanks all. x


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