Meeting Photos 21 Jan 2012

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Our first meeting of 2012 was a little smaller than the end of last year – we had 27  moms which I think is a more manageable size than the 40-plus in December.

We had some new faces which was nice. Shirley Madlingozi  & Edith Delcarme, both community workers with training from The Parent Centre, joined us for a discussion on discipline and child-centered communication.

Everybody got into it and there were many contributions and questions from the moms in 3 different languages 🙂

A 5km school fun run at 7am the morning of the meeting meant that my mom and I were exhausted, so we didn’t take too many pics this time. So lovely to see how our kiddies are growing and changing – the little babies we first met are turning into toddlers, everybody’s growing up beautifully.


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